Feiner Points of Leadership -- Best Business Book of 2004

There's no mistaking what a great leader does. The real challenge is to know how it's done. Understanding the nuances of putting leadership into action has long been the specialty of Michael Feiner, the former Chief People Officer at Pepsi-Cola and management professor at Columbia Graduate School of Business. Now, in this hands-on, plain-speaking, practical guide, Feiner shares his hard-won expertise and gives you detailed solutions to the everyday problems of leadership.

The Feiner Points Of Leadership

...offers fifty insightful laws covering everything from managing tough bosses and difficult subordinates, to dealing with uncooperative colleagues, to overcoming resistance to corporate change. Based on Feiner's experiences as an aspiring executive, senior leader, and management consultant, THE FEINER POINTS shows you that leadership has little to do with grand strategies or personal charisma. And the author's tales from the trenches will make you smile as you discover:

  • The Law of Building a Cathedral: Leaders convince their people that they're building a cathedral, not cutting stone.
  • The Law of Class vs. Style: Never...ever...ever...EVER treat your boss like a bumbling old fool (even if he or she is one).
  • The Law of Winning Championships: No matter how talented the team, team members have different agendas -- and leaders know what they are.
  • The Law of the Silent Sinner: If you can't tell anyone what you're doing, don't do it!
  • The Law of the Onion: High Performance Leaders look beneath the surface -- and never assume anything.
  • The Law of the Tombstone: Remember what's really important -- and that your net worth won't be noted on your final resting place.

With an easy-to-access appendix that lists typical office problems and points you to the laws that can solve them, THE FEINER POINTS OF LEADERSHIP will help you right away-with dramatic and measurable results that insure the long-term success of both your career and your organization.

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