Executive Coach & Consultant

Executive Coach

Mike takes on a select number of coaching assignments as a part of his advisory practice. His approach recognizes that high performance leaders face considerable challenges in their journey to the c-suite, challenges which only multiply after they reach it... organizational, political, & personal. Mike's coaching protocol involves intensive, hands-on support & guidance for building followership, establishing the right culture, influencing bosses, & winning the support of the board.


Today it's not enough for leaders to be great strategists or creative marketers or savvy operators. Leaders must be able to build followership, often with a geographically dispersed workforce. Sometimes the mandate for a new CEO is to muscle-build the organization and upgrade the talent landscape. These days new leaders are often faced with the challenge of rebooting a culture so that employees feel more accountable, engaged and empowered. Mike has deep experience in addressing these kinds of issues with a variety of organizations, including startups and established businesses of substantial scale.

Even if leaders have built strong teams, "dream teams" can underperform against their potential. Mike helps leaders and their teams quickly diagnose the reasons for this performance gap and works with them to reset team effectiveness.

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